PROMT announcing a US office: PROMT Americas

Press release

San Francisco, California, October 10, 2008 - PROMT, a leading provider of automated translation solutions, is pleased to announce the establishment of the company’s US office, PROMT Americas. The US branch will be promoting PROMT’s award-winning line of products, services and larger scale enterprise solutions in the US, Canada and Latin America markets.

PROMT Americas main office is located in San Francisco, California, with regional representatives in the United States East Coast and Midwest.

PROMT’s Executive Team is confident that the strategic US location, in the hub of the world’s high-tech industry, coupled with the company’s unique, constantly evolving technology, will allow PROMT to rapidly increase its market share in the Americas and strengthen its position of one of the most influential players in the language technology field. The immediate roadmap of PROMT Americas already includes several important strategic alliances and major enterprise deals, as well as joint projects with leading Silicon Valley marketing agencies.

“We believe our translation software is well positioned to address the growing need of producing professional multilingual content in the US corporate market. In the retail market, we are proud to serve millions of customers in Europe already and we are committed to providing friendly and affordable translation tools to the U.S. and Latin American markets.” – says Svetlana Sokolova, CEO of PROMT.

“Local US presence is essential for PROMT’s success in the Americas.” – says Olga Beregovaya, newly appointed CEO of PROMT Americas,-“Of course, the Internet allows our clients to buy and download retail products, schedule demos, request price quotes and receive customer support, but nothing can make the client experience easier than availability of local support engineers and account managers. Being right here on the spot, we can always assure efficient dialogue with our clients, be aware of their needs, and make sure they are addressed in the future versions of our products.”


Founded in 1991, PROMT is a leading provider of automated translation software. Built on a foundation of innovative and proven technologies, PROMT develops award-winning machine translation systems, Translation Memory databases, terminology management tools and electronic dictionaries. The company offers automatic translation systems and dictionaries for eight European languages - English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian and Lithuanian and provides a total of 25 translation directions for over 100 specialized domains. The company offers translation solutions for web sites, corporate intranets, PCs and handheld devices under the trademark @promt and PROMT®. PROMT customers include Cisco, Xerox, Lucent Technologies, Siemens AG, NASA, DHL, SAP and many others. PROMT’s global Internet services, including www.online-translator.com, process about 75 million online translation requests every month. At the moment PROMT’s development team is working on adding a statistical validation module to its core rule-based engine.