PROMT Technology Works in a European Online Project

Press release


The project of an online translator from all European languages with the PROMT technology is in the stage of beta testing and is currently available for everybody.


A major European project, iTranslate4.eu, development of which began a little more than a year ago, united developers of machine translation systems from 10 European countries and received the support of The European Union.


The total amount of investments was about 4 million euro. PROMT, the only Russian developer among the project participants, was represented by its German branch. PROMT GmbH is one of the leaders for the amount of investments and number of supported translation directions. For more details, please see our press release.


The project objective was to create of a translator exceeding by quality and scope of service the services now readily available in the marketplace. The service already supports more than 60 languages: including the official languages of all European countries, languages of national minorities, and many other worldwide languages. Because of this, the number of languages utilized in iTranslate4.eu exceeds those of, for example, in Google Translate. At the same time, an even further increase in the number of supported languages is planned. Further, the difference in translation quality – because of the use of other technology, is appreciable.

You can formulate your own opinion about the service, by visiting its site.


Though the primary task of iTranslate4.eu is the translation of texts which the user types or copies into the translation window, this is not its only function. It is also possible to translate web pages and/or to pre-set Internet searches in any of supported languages. Even better, users from different countries can communicate via various site's chat options using their native languages. In the future, there will be also other features for users. It is planned to start full functionality of the project in the spring of 2012.