Online Translation Service Translate.Ru Appeared in "VKontakte"

Press release


PROMT online translation service Translate.Ru reports about starting of its application in the "VKontakte" social network.


Now "VKontakte" users can translate whole texts and individual words without leaving the social networking site. Considering the bulk of the "VKontakte" audience – a considerable number of schoolkids and students – Translate.Ru offers them translation already set up as the "Study" topic template. On a related note, the service site also has this topic template, and it is very popular there: its share of translations is up to 7.5 million a month.


Setup to topic template allows the program to select from several translation variants just the ones suitable for the texts of a certain type. For example, in educational texts for the word "article" it will not choose the translation "статья" or "вещь", but "артикль".

In addition to strict translation, detailed grammatical guidance – conjugation of verbs, declination of nouns and adjectives, and also transcription of English words is available to users of the Translate.Ru application.


"VKontakte" translation "on the fly" can be implemented by pressing the Input button on the keyboard. It is much more convenient than pressing the Translate button (which is also left in the interface) every time, and gives the possibility of direct text translation – during the process of typing.

In general, compared to the site, the "VKontakte" application is equipped with almost all the same functions: the same set of languages (Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese), the same list of topic templates (when choosing a topic other than "Study", the user will get the text translation on the Translate.Ru site). It doesn't have only the Site Translation function, but for the application working within other site, there is no need for it.


Further, the application has special functions useful for a social network such as a translation link (it can be shared with the friends) and the addition of translation to the notes.


The translator in "VKontakte" can be used even without the application installation, but a part of the functionality is available only to the users who add the application to the page. It is the expanded dictionary help, grammatical tables and the transcription help.


The Translate.Ru service began its active promotion in "VKontakte" in February this year. In order to study one of the largest social networking site in Russia, a user group was created which now totals about 9,000 participants. On the group page, users of the social network discuss the service and offer their suggestions on possible enhancement.


Translate.Ru invites everyone to install the new application, study its work and offer feedback to "VKontakte".