PROMT is 20 Years Old!

Press release


PROMT celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The company was founded in the beginning of 1991 by a small group of St. Petersburg linguists and programmers. During the last twenty years, PROMT has become an acknowledged leader in the production of machine translation systems. For Russia, PROMT is the prime vendor of such solutions demanded both in business and among private users alike.

Our company is also well known around the world. PROMT solutions are used by major international corporations and PROMT programs are installed on user computers all over the world. In the international market, PROMT sales are promoted by two branch companies – in the USA and Germany.

PROMT is constantly developing new markets and technologies. In 2010, the company released the 9th version of translation programs supporting the core European languages, along with new language directions including Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional). Now PROMT translation technology is reaching an essentially new level: in 2011, a hybrid solution combining the benefits of the two established machine translation methods at once was developed.

We congratulate the company personnel and thank all of our users for their continued support of the PROMT family of products. We have accomplished so much in the last twenty years, and there are still many more interesting and exciting projects to come. Wait for new, even more powerful PROMT translation systems!