PROMT translator, "Best New Technology" according to IDC Financial Insights

Press release


Boston, USA - PROMT automated translation technology has been awarded "The Best New Technology" prize by IDC Financial Insights as the next best application for the financial sector.

Alex Yanishevsky, Senior Integration Architect at PROMT Americas, picked up the prize during the last IDC Financial Insights Summit (Boston, 1-2 October 2009). In his presentation, Alex Yanishevsky introduced key IT decision-makers to PROMT corporate translation server, which was nominated "The Best New Technology" as per the popular vote by summit attendees, including American Express, Bank of America and Citigroup. PROMT translation server is a fully-automated translation solution for enterprises and it constitutes the only platform capable of meeting the needs of large corporations with worldwide operations for instant multilingual data access.

“With North American financial institutions already using PROMT successfully, our secure automated translation solutions are earning the respect and trust of the financial industry community. This momentum is expanding relationships, shortening the sales cycle and driving a substantial growth in sales in this vertical. We look forward to continue promoting products that not only are effective in reducing translation costs, but providing a secure environment for confidential exchange of sensitive content.” says Rui Monteiro-Claro, Director of Business Development.

Contact Rui Monteiro-Claro, rmc@promt.com