PROMT Involved in Pan-European Translation System Development

Press release


PROMT, the world leader in the field of linguistic IT solutions, has become a partner in the project for development of an online translation system for all European languages. The iTranslate4.eu service is created by ten leading European linguistic software developers supported by the European Union.

The total amount of investments is about 4 million euro.PROMT GmbH is one of the leaders for the amount of investments and the number of supported translation directions.

The project also include: Linguistic Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, MorphoLogic (Hungary), SYSTRAN (France), Linguatec (Germany), pwn.pl (Poland), SkajKod (Bulgaria), Amebis (Slovenia), Sunda (Finland), Trident MT (Latvia).

The project will allow the people of Europe to better understand each other and promotes the idea of machine translation.

The purpose is to enable each Internet user to translate texts between any languages. The service will support 42 languages, including not only all European languages, but also main world languages, e.g. Chinese, Arabian, Japanese, Korean, Hindi and others.

Project coordinators have tested commonly used online translation programs and selected the best solution for each language pair. This way, specific translation software for each direction was determined, and some popular directions were assigned a number of solutions for the user to choose from.

Involvement of different translation systems in one project will create conditions to improve performance of each among them due to results comparison, user feedback analysis and, possibly, joint development of new solutions. The service users can also help improve the service by rating the software and proposing new translation variants.

To translate a text, just enter it in the corresponding box on the service web site; to translate a web page, simply enter the web page address. Translation of instant messages will be implemented as a function to be built into the corresponding services. Moreover, the web site will host a chat functionality to enable communication between people who do not know the language of each other. RSS translation will also be provided.

The service will be equipped with special functions for automatic language determination, spell checking, virtual keyboard, Internet search with translation, translation software selection.

Now, the project is at the development stage. The iTranslate4.eu service will be launched next year.