PROMT gave a copy of its software as a gift to San Francisco Public Library

Press release


PROMT, a leading provider of automated translation solutions, gave à copy of its software as a gift to San Francisco Public Library. PROMT instant translation software will be used by the library’s staff and patrons at the library’s International Center in order to access foreign language information and also provide translation services to San Francisco immigrant community. Many of the library patrons come to the library seeking assistance with obtaining immigration, medical or other information necessary for their day-to-day life in the US. Now there is no need to engage expensive human translators, the community members can simply run a bilingual search in a web browser on the designated International Center computer using PROMT and retrieve English-language information translated into their native language.

“We are very happy that our software can be of help for San Francisco diverse multilingual population”. – says Olga Beregovaya, President and CEO of PROMT Americas. – “Coming from an immigrant background myself, I know that it can be very hard for new immigrants or for older people who are not very proficient in English to cope with daily tasks. This is what we have always envisioned for PROMT – being able use our unique cross-lingual features for the benefit of those that need it most”.